Chapter 8: Karmic Agent

With karma being one of Dr. King’s specialities – he deftly wove the cosmic missions with his spiritual brotherhood, The Aetherius Society, to create a powerful force for the enlightenment of mankind on Earth.

The Twelve Blessings album is made available for sale

The Saturn Mission on Loch Ness

The role of The Aetherius Churches

The Santa Barbara property grounds

The third phase of Dr. King’s mission

Operation Sunbeam energies

Peace Officers Memorial Day blessing

Temple Degree Initiation ceremony

Manipulating Operation Prayer Power energies

Sacrifice to God – Future involvement by the Adepts

Operation Space Magic

His Eminence wearing the mystic pendant

Fireside discourse on karma by Dr. King

His Eminence with cassette recordings of the mental transmissions he had received


Dr. King takes the helm of Phantom during the Saturn Mission

Dr. King takes the helm of Wave Dancer during the Saturn Mission

Dr. King psychically tunes into Loch Ness

Dr. King is crowned a Prince

Dr. King in Combe Martin

Dr. King in sunset prayer

Dr. King channeling energy

Dr. King at a rest stop during a trip around the UK

Building pier at King's Cottage, George King drives the corner post to start construction of the pier.

Constructing the jetty at Loch Ness

Dr. King and Prince Henri


Blessing ceremonies for pets

A Thames boat trip

“Karma is pressure…”

A prayer given by Dr. King on July 8th