Chapter 6: Alien Armageddon

In stark contrast to his work for the Mother Earth, Dr. King’s mission moved into a dark and dangerous phase of transmuting the powerful evil forces in the lower astral realms of Earth. To help stay balanced during this time Dr. King also took up some interesting distractions.

Gotha speaks to Earth (A Master from Gotha)

Cooperating with the forces of light

‘The Men Who Won Operation Karmalight For You’

The lower astral realms

CS481 001

Renovating the new headquarters at 6202 Afton Place

Target practice – at the outdoor range in Los Angeles and Lake Powell

Space combat in the Gotha Mission

‘Fight Ye The Evil’

Dr. King in the Transmission Room at the American Headquarters

Dr. King at the printing press

Dr. King out with his dog, Sandy

Dr. King – photographer and cinematographer

Dr. King and Lady Monique dancing

Dr. King at ease

Dr. King and pets

A lesson for the Great White Brotherhood

Announcement about the Three Adepts (The Master Aetherius)