Chapter 9: Blaze of Glory

As his mission neared its end, Dr. King seemed to slow down due to health. Yet he was able to squeeze the last ounce of his presence on Earth and leave a lasting legacy to give us a path through our challenges to a New Age.

‘My Star Pupil’ mental transmission

The consecration of two Bishops

The fire in Dr. King’s bungalow

Phase 44 of Operation Power Light (the last phase)

Operation Power Light – Dr. King’s last mission

Earthquake damage to the American Headquarters

Funeral of Dr. King

Energies given to the Goddess Earth during Her Initiation

Dr. King relaxing at his home in Santa Barbara

Dr. King with his motorhome The Lady

Dr. King taking a mental transmission at Lake Powell

Dr. King at Pismo Beach during Operation Power Light

Dr. King is accepted into the Interplanetary Confederation

Dr. King and Brian Keneipp out for a walk

“It’s a feat which…I doubt you could do…”

A mental transmission from Satellite No. 3