The New Age will soon dawn upon Earth. One aspect of this change is that the Mother Earth, a highly evolved conscious being, will be changing with an intense quickening of vibration. This change will be in all ways good for the Mother Earth. But for humanity in its current state, this change will create conditions impossible for most people to remain here.

Dr. George King knew that for our civilisation to have a chance of surviving this coming change, he needed to create a powerful spiritual path to vastly improve the karma of mankind.

This path puts great spiritual power in the hands of a relative few spiritual workers.

Dr. King knew that those spiritual workers who accepted this responsibility would also advance as never before. He made this point clear in a special class on self-development given in 1966:

– Dr. George King, October 13th, 1966

The most potent aspects of this path are the cosmic missions, which are missions performed in direct cooperation with advanced extraterrestrial intelligences. These help improve world karma and raise the consciousness of humanity as a whole. Dr. King was able to make it possible for The Aetherius Society to continue these world-saving missions into the future.

In addition to the cosmic missions, this potent path includes many other forms of service, such as spiritual healing and mystic prayer. These vital forms of service are supported by the greatest body of truth ever seen upon Earth - consisting of secret teachings of the mystery schools and the cosmic wisdom of the extraterrestrials. Another aspect of King Yoga is a set of powerful mystic practices designed to help the few spiritual workers helping to usher in the New Age.

King Yoga is an advanced and powerful path. It can be difficult to follow. True to his personality and absolute devotion to truth, Dr. King did not sugarcoat this fact. He went out of his way to make sure that people knew the difficulties in following an advanced spiritual path in these days. And the more powerful the path the more this applies.

Dr. King explains during an address in May 1966:

– Dr. George King, May 22nd, 1966

This path which we now call King Yoga was not named this by Dr. King, he was too humble to do so. The International Directors of The Aetherius Society unanimously decided upon this name in deference to Dr. King.

King Yoga is organized into three main aspects:



Reading from The Nine Freedoms – one of the most important sacred texts on Earth. 



Practicing the pranayama yoga breathing exercises as taught by Dr. King.



Radiating spiritual energy for world peace and enlightenment.


In the words of Saint Goo-Ling:

– Saint Goo-Ling, September 16th, 1976

As long as man has been on Earth the search for truth and the meaning of life have been a constant theme among the thinkers of each age. This is understandable, for how can one really know how best to spend a precious lifetime on Earth unless we understand the truth of why we are here.

Finding truth is not easy nor random. There are some very definite occult rules that need to be considered. Dr. King spoke about these in an address entitled 'Truth', given on October 1st, 1961 in London:

– Dr. George King, October 1st, 1961

The teachings made available by Dr. King are remarkable in their breadth. On the one hand, they are understandable to us today and yet they are so vast that we will be discovering new layers within them for hundreds of years:

– Dr. George King, November 6th, 1977

The truths available through these teachings affect us personally – they change us and guide us towards what we should be doing with our lives. These truths work behind the scenes within us. We start to make rapid progress in our evolution.

It is important to remember that though truth is an aspect of God Itself, at this point in our evolution it must be given through a vessel. And the vessel for these teachings was Dr. King who said in an address on April 29th, 1973:

– Dr. George King, April 29th, 1973

The following transmission 'A Special Meditation for This Age', given by the Karmic Lord Mars Sector 6, is a prime example of the profound truth given by the cosmic masters through Dr. King:

– Mars Sector 6, May 2nd, 1958



Practicing concentration and contemplation upon spiritual truth.

In King Yoga, advancement through spiritual practices is used to enhance the many forms of service we perform. Dr. King explained this in a fax he dictated to Brian Keneipp on May 2nd 1996, which was sent to The Aetherius Society worldwide.

“Accomplishments are becoming more and more difficult for spiritual workers all over Earth. As the amount of good performed by an individual or organization increases, so too does the degree of difficulty.

"This does not mean that those working for the good of the world should stop. It means the exact opposite!

"An individual is never given a task they are not capable of.

"This is a Law of God.

"With perseverance, enthusiasm and hard work—you can succeed. Each success in these days is beautifully glorious, not only to you and I and the world, but also to the Divine Plan.

"It is now time for all Spiritual Workers to strengthen their karmic armour by increasing their spiritual practices. The Practices of Aetherius, deep breathing, recitation of holy mantra, attendance at services and study of your holy works are more essential than ever before.

"It is time to rally around your chosen spiritual organization with renewed vigor and light.

"With help from all of you—we will prevail.

"Go always with God.”

The terminology used by Dr. King, ‘strengthen your karmic armour’, is particularly poignant coming from someone who knew more about karma than possibly anyone on Earth. He meant that these practices will help us succeed in the karmic tasks he has left for us. He knew the going will get rougher as the great change draws near, and gave us the spiritual practices to help us become more potent forces for good.


Practicing the first of the pranayama yoga breathing exercises as taught by Dr. King.

Towards the end of 1996, he initiated work on his final book, Realize Your Inner Potential, which he co-authored with Richard Lawrence. This was to contain most of the spiritual techniques he had taught for what we now call King Yoga. Some of these originated from ancient yoga-based traditions; some were given through Dr. King by the cosmic masters, particularly the Master Aetherius; and others, he devised himself.

These practices will help us:

  • invoke more potent spiritual energy in our acts of service;
  • understand the great truths;
  • protect ourselves from outside interfering forces; and
  • cultivate the strength to overcome our karmic weaknesses.

They can also take us closer to Dr. King himself, no matter where he is:

– Dr. George King, October 20th, 1966


Power Circle_1000

Radiating spiritual energy to the world during a power circle.

Dr. King lived and breathed SERVICE, and he gave us a path that is centred on it. King Yoga is a rainbow of different forms of service that can be performed. He made it a point to give everyone – no matter his or her age, class, colour, creed, health, intelligence, location, or time available – an opportunity to serve the cosmic plan through The Aetherius Society.

Dr. King taught us the power and importance of service, and how to perform it to great effect.

In the words of Mars Sector 6:

–Mars Sector 6, February 22nd, 1961

Saint Goo-Ling spoke about this on July 28th, 1960:

– Saint Goo-Ling, July 28th, 1960

The most important aspect of service in King Yoga are the advanced cosmic missions. In the following extract the Master Aetherius gives a glimpse into some of these world saving missions.

In the words of the Master Aetherius:

– The Master Aetherius, January 1st, 1978

Operation Prayer Power is open for all to join at several locations around the world. It is the most potent way most spiritual workers on Earth can help the Cosmic Plan, which directly helps the evolution of mankind.

Will you take up the spiritual sword of service to help usher in a New Age upon Earth?

Operation Prayer Power (Los Angeles)

Invoking spiritual energy to charge a spiritual power battery in Operation Prayer Power. Operation Prayer Power takes places in several Aetherius Society centers around the world – London (UK), Los Angeles (California, USA), Barnsley (UK), Royal Oak (Michigan, USA) and Auckland (New Zealand).

The following short videos will give you an idea of how The Aetherius Society continues the mission of Dr. King.