Dr. George King invokes spiritual energy in order to charge a spiritual power battery together with members of The Aetherius Society. This energy can be released in times of crises, or to target specific situations, to help bring about healing and inspiration, for example. 

While there are many wonderful spiritual paths, The Aetherius Society is unique.

It encompasses a new, modern and practical approach to spirituality: a dynamic path of spiritual service to the world as a whole.

Profound wisdom and spiritual practices – once only available by initiation in the ancient mystery schools – are available today through this international spiritual organization to genuine seekers searching for truth.

The Society was founded on this physical plane in 1955 in London, England by the spiritual master and cosmic adept, Dr. George King; it was later established by him in 1960 in Los Angeles, California, USA, as a non-profit organization.

The purpose of this Society is to help as many people as possible to prepare themselves for the coming New Age.

We do this by improving world karma and using spiritual energy to help others – often in direct cooperation with advanced alien intelligences.

The Aetherius Society was visualized into being by a prominent master of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth known as Saint Goo-Ling. It was then manifested on the physical plane of Earth by Dr. King. The Society is regarded by advanced alien intelligences, known as cosmic masters, as the 'Master Cog' in their Cosmic Plan for the salvation and enlightenment of humanity. We have never been left alone in our evolution but instead have been helped and guided through the centuries by great avatars – extraterrestrials intelligences like Jesus, Buddha, Sri Krishna and others who have been among us.

Dr. King, as Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel for the cosmic masters, received over 600 messages, known as transmissions, containing elevated wisdom, prophecy and scientific revelation. The Aetherius Society is the custodian for these messages, and has been tasked with spreading and acting upon these teachings for the benefit of all life on Earth.

Many of these elevated teachings are available today and hold the answers to the most penetrating questions such as:

  • the meaning of life
  • why we are here
  • the nature of God
  • the Mother Earth as a Divine Intelligence
  • life on other planets
  • the creation of the universe, and
  • much more.

As a spiritual master and scientist, Dr. King devised global healing missions to spearhead the important work of world service. Through these missions, vast amounts of spiritual energy are radiated in strategic ways to the Mother Earth, the masters, the devic kingdom (nature spirits) and mankind.

Dr. George King gathers with some of his staff team at Lake Powell during a phase of The Saturn Mission – a mission designed for world peace and the stabilisation of natural conditions on Earth.

Members of The Aetherius Society gather together to pray for peace on Le Nid d'Aigle in the French Alps – one of the holy mountains charged in Operation Starlight through Dr. George King.

The path offered to you through The Aetherius Society is one of potent world service – in cooperation with enlightened masters from Earth and beyond. This vital world service is enhanced by personal advancement through powerful spiritual teachings and mystic practices.  After the demise of Dr. King, the Society’s International Directors named this path “King Yoga” in their master’s honor.

The Aetherius Society is a vibrant and dynamic spiritual organization that warmly welcomes everyone. We have headquarters, branches and groups throughout the world and we welcome you to discover more about Dr. King and explore this spiritual path through this, and our other websites:; and

On the spiritual road opportunities to join a path such as this do not happen by chance – but by design. Genuine seekers searching for truth are being called in these days to help in the most important cause today – that is the salvation and enlightenment of our world in preparation for the coming New Age.

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