Chapter 3: Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel – Pluperfect!

The early years of Dr. King’s mission began with bringing through astounding truths for humanity from outside Earth as we start to approach the New Age.

When the student is ready the master appears…

The photo on the back cover of You Are Responsible!

The three forms of magic

The wisdom of the Master Aetherius

The significance of the Spiritual Push

The spiritual energy crisis

The only thing that counts is the Cosmic Plan

The first edition of The Twelve Blessings (Black)

The devic kingdom

‘The Five Temples of God’

The Master Jesus blesses small wooden crosses after ‘The Nine Freedoms’ transmissions

The Master Jesus makes an appeal to humanity

Revere truth and advance!

Special Power Transmission

Significance of the “red light”

Preparing for a transmission at Aetherius House in the 1950s

Prayer by the Master Jesus

It takes great compassion to give great truths

G3-1327 001

Interview on the Tom Duggan Show

How transmissions were received by Dr. King

CS-120-011, American Tour USA Cities 1959

Dr. King working at a convention

Dr. King receiving a transmission

Dr. King taking a transmission on ‘Lifeline’ (BBC)

Dr. King in the George King Chapel

CS-120-011, American Tour USA Cities 1959

Dr. King lecturing at the Bel-Air hotel in Los Angeles

Dr. King is attacked during the giving of ‘The Twelve Blessings’

Beware of misinterpretation of the teachings

Caxton Hall lecture on You Are Responsible!

Demand the Truth!

Aetherius House in the 1950s and 60s

Aetherius House in the 1950s and 60s (exterior)

“Truth is the greatest and most beautiful expression of God…”

An appeal by the cosmic masters to stop nuclear experimentation

An analogy for karma