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Chapter 4: Number One

As Dr. King’s mission continued his tasks grew from bringing through wisdom to acting as an agent on Earth for the very Gods themselves.

The Next Master is coming

‘The Three Saviours Are Here!’

The battle on Carnedd Llywelyn

‘The Four Aspects of Creation’

Operation Starlight on Mount Tallac

Operation Starlight on Castle Peak

Operation Starlight

Interviews on the Dr. Jay Zee show

Lecture tour in North America

Operation Starlight on Mount Rams Head

Aetherius-scan 001

Operation Starlight on Mount Baldy

Operation Starlight on Brown Willy

Operation Starlight on Holdstone Down

Operation Starlight on Carnedd Llywelyn

Operation Starlight on Mount Adams

AES 002

Dr. King with Monique and Erain Noppe at a TV studio

Dr. King teaching at early Los Angeles Headquarters

Dr. King leaving London on a freighter to America

Dr. King live on TV and Radio in Australia

Space contact in Santa Barbara

CS-120-011, American Tour USA Cities 1959

An early edition of The Twelve Blessings

“One of these Adepts you know”

A commendation to Dr. King – “You are now one of us”

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