Chapter 5: Why Does She Do It?

One primary focus of Dr. King’s mission was to help the Goddess Earth Herself in her sacrifice for humanity.

‘This is the Hour of Truth’

The Lord Babaji grants his permission for Operation Sunbeam

The Logos of Earth

The compassionate sacrifice by the Mother Earth

Operation Sunbeam inspires the galaxy!

CS882a 001

Operation Sunbeam – Phase 1

Operation Bluewater

Mankind must change for the coming New Age

Equipment used in Operation Bluewater

Dr. King creates the equipment for Operation Bluewater in mind substance

Dr. King steering the boat during an Operation Bluewater phase

Dr. King preparing crystal by hand

Dr. King testing the Spiritual Energy Radiator

G3 827 001

Dr. King focuses on apparatus he designed for Operation Bluewater

Dr. King at the helm

Dr. King aboard a boat testing Operation Sunbeam equipment