Gotha speaks to Earth (A Master from Gotha)

The power of prayer (The Master Aetherius)

The spiritual energy crisis

The three forms of magic

The compassionate sacrifice by the Mother Earth

The Logos of Earth

The consecration of two Bishops

CS882a 001

Operation Sunbeam – Phase 1

Preparing for a transmission at Aetherius House in the 1950s

Operation Starlight on Mount Tallac

‘The Command’ explained in a radio interview

Significance and development of the psychic centers

Peace Officers Memorial Day blessing

CS481 001

Renovating the new headquarters at 6202 Afton Place

G3-1327 001

Interview on the Tom Duggan Show

Operation Bluewater

Operation Starlight on Mount Rams Head

Inauguration of Operation Prayer Power in the USA

Fireside discourse on karma by Dr. King

Inauguration of Operation Prayer Power in the USA

‘From Freewill to Freedom’

Dr. King taking a transmission on ‘Lifeline’ (BBC)

Dr. King psychically tunes into Loch Ness

Dr. King in sunset prayer

G3 827 001

Dr. King focuses on apparatus he designed for Operation Bluewater

Dr. King out with his dog, Sandy


Blessing ceremonies for pets

Dr. King at ease

Dr. King and Brian Keneipp out for a walk

Communication meeting in the Wiltshire Hills

Dr. King and Lady Monique dancing

Dr. King alone near Lake Powell in contemplation

An introduction to Operation Prayer Power

“Blessed Is The Mother Earth”