Dr. George King receives a mental transmission next to a psychic center of the Mother Earth at Lake Powell, Utah, USA.

Read this book and you will never be the same again.

It is the true story of a man who stepped alone into the materialistic desert of our backward world to save us from self-destruction.

He received the message of the gods from space and recorded the greatest wisdom ever known to humanity.

The King Who Came To Earth

Have you wondered what it would have been like to have known one of the truly great masters? To have witnessed first-hand their intense will, determination and desire to uplift humanity? To have looked into their mysterious eyes and been inspired by their deep, selfless compassion and love for all?

The King Who Came To Earth gives a glimpse into such an enlightened master who came among us in order to lay the spiritual foundations for the New Age, so essential at this pivotal time of change.

This master, known as Dr. George King, was born near Wellington, Shropshire, England on January 23, 1919. It was not until one hundred years after his birth that this first biography was published in 2019. Now, for the first time ever, the astonishing story of the life and achievements of this one man and master is revealed by two of his closest disciples.

An incredible spiritual journey

You are taken on a journey of his incredible adventures – from the depths of Earth’s darkest realms to the elevated heights of spirituality on this and other planets. You will learn secrets of advanced intelligences from within this solar system and beyond; and the reasons why advanced spiritual aliens are here among us, helping our world at this time of global crisis.

You will discover how:

  • As a boy, Dr. King expressed an inner power that could heal others.
  • As a young man, he learned mental control and developed advanced psychic powers. Through intense yoga practices, which led to a full rise of kundalini, he could levitate, consciously project from his body and become invisible.
  • As an extraordinary medium, he received messages from the higher realms of Earth, and later from extraterrestrial intelligences who shared their elevated wisdom and compassion for humanity through over six hundred messages known as 'cosmic transmissions'.
  • He worked closely with ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth and with masters from beyond Earth, and invented global healing missions that are helping our world in conjunction with these elevated masters.
  • His great love and compassion for the Earth as an advanced living intelligence, inspired him to invent a mission known as Operation Sunbeam, which makes a token repayment of the debt owed to the Mother Earth.
  • He 'worshipped at the shrine of truth' and how his extraordinary love of the deepest aspects of truth was the foundation of all his teachings.
  • He introduced a relevant new spirituality in keeping with the necessities of this modern age of science.

Throughout The King Who Came To Earth you will hear Dr. King’s heartfelt appeal for you to step forward boldly towards God, and to step outwards in spiritual action to help our troubled world. He was a fountain of living truth, a genius, an inventor and a cosmic adept; and, if you so choose, he can also become your master.


Dr. King offers a little wooden holy cross blessed by the Master Jesus to a keen spiritual aspirant. 

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